Where does Personal Gourmet provide its services?

Personal Gourmet delivers free of charge* anywhere in the greater LA and San Diego metropolitan areas. Nation wide shipping is also available. A shipping and handling charge will apply.

How many items do I have to buy?

There are no minimum or maximum orders and there are no contracts required. Since the majority of our items come portion controlled and individually packaged, they can easily fit in your side by side freezer and typically contain twelve to sixteen servings per case.

How much does it cost

Our prices are very reasonable. Depending on what items you choose, your avg. serving might cost you anywhere from $3.50 to $8.50 a serving. Considering that for $8.50 you can barely get a sandwich combo at your local sandwich place and now you get great gourmet food that's already prepared, individually packaged, delivered directly to your front door.

How does this service affect my weekly groceries?

Our average clients tell us that their weekly grocery bill is around $200 per week for 4 people. Half of that $200 will go to the main part of their entrees, since the salad, rice, potato and soda only costs cents instead of dollars. They also eat at home 5 days a week and go out for dinner twice per week. A Hypothetical Personal Gourmet purchase might run that same family $450 dollars. For that they get 100 servings which in turn results in 25 meals for a family of four. Since they eat at home 5 days per week, this order should last them 5 weeks if this was the only food they would use for home cooked dinners. So if the $450 dollar purchase lasts them 5 weeks, their weekly food bill got reduced from $100 to $90 per week. Saving them not only $10 per week, but also improving the quality of their meals with portion controlled, individually packaged, already prepared foods that delivered directly to their front door. An all around win win situation for the whole family.

Why does your food taste fresher than other frozen foods and even fresh food?

People are generally under the misconception that grocery stores provide "fresh" food. The truth of the matter is that the thawed fish on display might have been on ice for several days as it freezes up over night and thaws during the day. The hamburger meat that you see nicely packaged with today's date on it, could have been a rib eye steak three days before, as it sat too long and started to discolor. Our meats and poultry get frozen and sealed once, with the USDA inspector present. This way you know that nobody handles your food after it's packaged and remains frozen till the time you use it. It ensures that all the natural nutrients remain preserved and there is no loss of flavor or freezer burn on any of our items within the first year of purchase.

What do you mean by edible portion?

More is not always better. When you purchase say chicken at your local grocery store you typically get coup fed chicken that has been injected with steroids, preservatives, antibiotics etc. By the time you come home and trim off all the fat, skin, bones that you paid for by the pound, your edible portion gets reduced by as much as 50%. After you cook all the excess juices and fluids out of the portion, you end up with an edible portion that is only a fraction of the total portion you purchased at the store. Not only did you have to go through all the labor, you also have a lesser quality product that costs you the same as the already trimmed, marinated and or cooked Personal Gourmet portion.

I'm always on the go. How can this service work for me?

We deliver 7 days a week; mornings, afternoons and evenings. We will accommodate your schedule and make sure that all products are delivered in person and are not left on your doorstep for others to take or to spoil in the sun. We are your one stop shop when it comes to your personal gourmet food needs.

I'm not a good cook. How can I impress my guests on our next dinner get together?

If you are a gourmet chef or a novice cook, you'll find Personal Gourmet's products easy to use and consistent in size, texture and quality. A large number of our items are already fully cooked, marinated, stuffed, skewered etc. The only thing you need to do is bake, broil, grill or microwave it and you're ready to go.

I always forget to take food out of the freezer, what can I do?

No worries. Most of our items thaw within 5 to 10 minutes in tap water! No need for taking food out the night before or to use a microwave. Just wait till you get home, ask your friends what they feel like for dinner and by the time you're done preparing their salad, the food is ready to go on the grill.

How long before I need to reorder again?

There are no contracts. Each family's food needs are different, but on average we see our customers every 2 to 4 months. Our average customer takes anywhere from 80 to 160 servings which will last them for 8 to 16 weeks. They might not be completely out of everything, but are ready to restock their staples and try something new for the new season.

What if I don't like the items I choose?

Everything is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with any of your items, we will gladly exchange any unused portion that was not to your likings.

My kids are picky, my husband doesn't like fish, and I'm allergic to certain foods. What do I do?

Since everything is individually packaged, the whole family can enjoy different foods at the same time. Traditionally everybody had to eat the same food that was being prepared for dinner. With individually packaged portions you can put some chicken enchiladas in the oven for the kids, a bacon wrapped filet mignon in bordelaise sauce in the same oven for your husband, and a Dover stuffed sole with scallops and crab meat for yourself, and within +/- 35 minutes everybody gets to enjoy their favorite meal.

Does your seafood smell and taste fishy?

No! Good seafood should not smell or taste fishy. The secret is that our seafood gets frozen and sealed within hours after catch. This ensures that all the nutrients and flavor stay preserved from the time it was caught till the day you cooked it. No excess water weight that causes the fishy smell for grocery store fish is found in our portions. Our fish is frozen and sealed once. It has not been thawed and refrozen 5 times by the time you get it from the time it was put out on display.

How come I've never heard of Personal Gourmet before?

Since we rely on word of mouth referrals, we don't advertise on TV or radio. We don't advertise in your local coupon books and we don't have large retail stores for you to come to. We eliminate the middle man and keep overhead low to deliver the best quality products directly to your front door, for a fraction of the cost of eating at a five star restaurant that uses the same gourmet products for their entrees.