Personal Gourmet Poultry

When it comes to poultry, Personal Gourmet has you covered! Personal Gourmet Poultry includes not only all natural boneless and skinless breast, but also thighs, bone-in chicken halfs and duck. Our Personal Gourmet Poultry comes plain, skewered, marinated, stuffed and fully cooked. Click "Choose yours today" to explore them all.

All Natural Poultry

The healthiest of them all. Boneless & skinless certified U.S.D.A. inspected free range chicken. The cap of the breast without any gristle or fat and free of antibiotics


Skewered on a wooden skewer either plain, plain with veggies, or without veggies and marinated. Great on the grill as an appetizer or entree


With a variety of different flavors, our boneless and skinless chicken breast are tumble marinated in a vacuum to ensure the best flavor and tenderness


Plain or breaded boneless, skinless breast of chicken, filled with different stuffings to amaze even those with the highest of standards.

Fully Cooked

Fully cooked boneless & skinless breast of chicken that are already seasoned and great for sandwiches, main entrees as well as salads.

Personal Gourmet Poultry

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